Sideband Networks aims to help companies monitor messy IT networks

Is your company’s IT infrastructure getting you down because your network connection is slow, people are accessing company information from myriad devices all over the country, and you’re not even sure if those people are even employed by your firm? If so, Zane Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Sideband Networks, has a service he wants to talk to you about.

gigaom-structure-launchpad_badgeGigaom’s Structure 2014 Launchpad finalists, offers companies a way to track networking activity throughout their internal systems and display visualization of the data in real time. For modern day companies in the era of BYOD, Taylor said, it’s more important than ever to know who is accessing what in the company as the explosion of tablets, smartphones, and other devices have made network monitoring much more complex.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company offers two products. There’s the XRE-4000 Hardware Appliance, which promises real-time analytics delivered at over 40Gbps and there’s a software-only version of the product called the Sideband vXRE virtualized appliance.  The faster hardware device is better suited for a company’s main office and the software tool fits best with branch offices, according to the company.

Sideband says the products give the user instant access to all networking activity, and with that information one can learn where in the network bandwidth gets chewed up. Additionally, a company can have the appliance cut off access to non-work apps on a work computer or mobile device as well as prevent unauthorized people from potentially tapping into the network.

“We provide the visual management to see what is happening on your network,” said Taylor. “It’s not a static map like what other providers have been doing—it is dynamic.”

Sideband Networks Team

The longer the appliances study the IT infrastructure, the better they get at producing an accurate model of the system because of the machine-learning algorithms that allow it learn and recognize the data a user wants monitored and analyzed.

“Now you have a flashlight to shine into the dark and see what is going on,” said Taylor.

Sideband Networks doesn’t necessarily compete in the BYOD IT-management field, Taylor said, but instead dukes it out with network management providers like Riverbed Technology (S RVBD), NetScout Systems (S NTCT), SolarWinds (S SWI), and IBM (S IBM).

In February, the 23-person company, founded in October 2012 and formally launched in November 2013, took in $6 million in series A funding.

Be sure to take a look at Sideband Networks and  six other Launchpad finalists at the upcoming Structure event in San Francisco on June 18 and 19.

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