Amid services reorganization, Samsung closes its Music and Books Hubs

Samsung is moving forward with the reorganization of its content services by axing its Music Hub as well as its Books Hub. The company is telling existing Music Hub users via email that it will close down the music service on July 1, according to a Techradar report, and recently published a notice on its website that it will close down out its Books Hub at the same time.

Samsung Books Hub is being replaced by a partnership with Amazon (s AMZN) that includes a custom Kindle app for Samsung device owners, and Samsung seems to be focusing its music efforts on Milk Music, the Pandora (S P) competitor it unveiled late last year.

Samsung is in the process of refocusing its content services, which includes hiring people to build a new video service. The company apparently also has plans to introduce a paid version of Milk Music in the near future, and monetize the free service through ads.