Apple officially acknowledges the iMessage bug and says a fix is coming

Apple’s(s appl) iMessage bug — in which former iPhone users no longer receive text messages from current iPhone users — has been around since 2012, but due to a recent rash of publicity, it may finally be getting fixed. In a statement published by Re/code on Thursday, Apple said it has already fixed one bug related to the problem, and will be issuing a software update fixing another issue in the near future.

Apple’s statement implies that there were two issues with iMessag: First, a server-side bug (perhaps linking phone numbers to iCloud accounts) that has recently been fixed. It remains to be seen if this will help the users complaining about being stuck in iPhone purgatory. The second fix, which has not been released yet, will be issued through a software update. I’m guessing this fix will tell iPhones to send text messages more readily when it becomes apparent iMessages aren’t reaching their intended destination.

Although the iMessage problem has been documented since iOS 5 was released in 2012, the issue recently gained a fair amount of attention when Adam Pash wrote about his experience earlier this month. The media attention eventually led to a class action lawsuit filed in California. I also suspect part of the current media focus is related to the fact that some people who bought an iPhone back in 2012 are starting to be eligible for an subsidized upgrade, and at least a portion are deciding to switch to other platforms.

I’ve asked Apple for comment, and will update if it gets back to me.