Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai joins Expa

Naveen Selvadurai, best known for co-founding Foursquare alongside Dennis Crowley, has been laying relatively low since he departed the company more than two years ago. But an announcement on the blog of startup studio Expa Thursday says that he will join as a partner.

“I want to create things that are good for the web. I want to leave the internet in a better place than I found it,” Selvadurai said in the post. “With this new model in Expa and with a great team behind us, I hope to bring a lot of these ideas to life.”

The goal of Expa, created by StumbleUpon and Uber founder Garrett Camp, is to help create and facilitate startups from scratch. The company raised $50 million in March from a who’s who of tech, including Sir Richard Branson, and Selvadurai’s presence will help expand the company’s work into New York City. Although Camp has said that Expa is working directly with a few companies, no new startups have been formally added to the company’s public portfolio.

Selvadurai has spent the last year working extensively with the Quantified Self movement, working with health startup Oscar and releasing his own “Personal API” that included information about his location, sleep, and activity levels. In joining Expa, Selvadurai has said he will work on project based both in San Francisco and New York City.

“I am just excited to start with this new model of building companies,” Selvadurai told me. “Sometimes, the idea might come from something we’re personally interested in and have been spinning around in our head; other times, perhaps someone else might bring along a great idea to us that we can help build out.”