How to sync your Google Calendar with Windows 8.1: Try OneCalendar

Now that I have a loaner Surface Pro 3, I’ve decided to put aside my Chromebooks(s goog) and use Microsoft’s(s MSFT) new laptop replacement full time. That also means no Chrome as I get re-acquainted with Internet Explorer 11. Yes, I miss my Chrome extensions, but I think I’ll live.

What I can’t live without, however, is my Google Calendar. I’ve got Gmail covered with the native Mail app in Windows 8.1 but Microsoft’s Calendar app doesn’t play nicely with Google Calendar. Or it could be be vice versa; I don’t really care which company is trying to shaft the other here. All that matters is getting access to my events!

While I could just use the browser to manage my Google Calendar, I’d rather live in Microsoft’s world as much as possible when using the Surface Pro 3. After some research, I ended up finding a great replacement app for Microsoft Calendar called OneCalendar. What makes it great? It’s free, it’s touch friendly and it syncs my calendar data both ways.

OneCalendar month

OneCalendar was quick to setup after installing from the Microsoft Windows App Store: I just had to provide access for the app to see my Google Calendar by signing in to Google. After that, my calendars started synching and by calendars, I mean all of them. OneCalendar can pull in any shared Google calendars in addition to your main one. You can select the colors for each one as well.

OneCalendar settings

The app provides multiple views: daily, weekly and monthly. You can tap or touch any event to see additional data. And clicking a blank time brings up the new calendar event form. Here you can add whatever details you need for an event; tap the Save button and the event is added to the appropriate Google calendar.

OneCalendar new event

I’ve created several events in OneCalendar and have seen them quickly sync to other devices such as a Chromebook, Android phone and iPhone(s aapl) 5s. Changes to events made on those devices have also filtered back to OneCalendar without any problems either, so this looks like a great free solution.

The app also supports other calendar types — Facebook(s fb), Exchange,, Office 365 and Windows Live — so the software is aptly named: If you used Windows 8.1, OneCalendar could be the one calendar you use for all events.