LG leaks G3 features on video: Laser autofocus for camera and a 2K display

Next week, LG will unveil its G3 smartphone, but there won’t be many surprises left at that point. Unofficial leaks have shared the phone’s details and now even the company is getting in on the act. A number of official videos released by LG leave little doubt as to what we can expect from the G3, including a laser-based focusing system and 2K resolution touchscreen.

The Verge shared one of the promotional videos on Friday, and it offers more than a passing glimpse at the G3’s camera capabilities. You can see movement in the camera lens, suggesting optical image stabilization that will reduce camera shake when moving with the handset. Also shown is the laser focus system. The Verge says the laser will bring faster focus, reducing the time it takes for the G3 to automatically focus on a subject. It could also measure depth to your subject, providing information to later adjust the picture focus or add 3D effects.


Another short but official video was spotted by Android Central and confirms the G3’s screen resolution of 2560 x 1440, QHD resolution. The phone is expected to have a 5.5-inch display, making the pixel density of the QHD screen a whopping 534 pixels per inch.


Since LG will very likely use the same smartphone chip to power the G3 that Samsung and HTC have in their flagship phones, the camera and display could be the main way for LG to differentiate its new Android phone from the competition.