The rise of 4K Ultra HD: What is the role of mobile?

The mobile industry is on the verge of moving to the next generation of display technology for smartphones and tablets. The new display technology is called 4K, which supports four times the display resolution of today’s Full HD 1080p. 4K matters, even on small screens, and it will enhance the visual experience of everything we do on our mobile devices. It will take image quality to another level by providing finer detail, greater texture and sharper graphics.

While TV was the driving force behind 1080p adoption, mobile is becoming the primary driver for 4K adoption. The short life cycle and high penetration rate of mobile devices will play a key role in accelerating the coming transition to 4K. Today some premium smartphones are already capable of 4K video recording and playback. With 4K features coming to market in high-volume devices and the increased prevalence of user-generated content, the bulk of 4K content is expected to be generated from smartphones and tablets.

Qualcomm Technologies is leading the way in redefining the visual experience by enabling a full 4K mobile experience, which allows consumers to enjoy a broad range of high-quality 4K content beyond video on their devices and via Ultra HD TVs. This will allow consumers to not only watch 4K videos but also enjoy life in 4K, including reading ebooks with print-quality fonts, viewing photos in greater detail and experiencing rich websites and immersive gaming on their mobile devices. The difference is extraordinary.

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Maged Zaki, director, Corporate Technology Marketing, Qualcomm