Wil Wheaton: pirate my TV show if you have to, but help my ratings if you can

Wil Wheaton isn’t holding a grudge against anyone who is downloading his new show, aptly titled the Wil Wheaton Project, via BitTorrent. However, he’d prefer that people who have access to cable or any legitimate online offering watch it that way to help the shows ratings.

Wheaton has in the past gone on the record saying that piracy isn’t “the end of the world,” and so it didn’t come as a complete surprise when he didn’t seem to be too bothered about people downloading his new show either. Here’s how he put it in a Google+ post:

“I really want everyone in the world to see my show, because I’m super proud of it and I think a lot of you will enjoy it. If you have to use alternative means to see it, I’m not going to try to stop you.”

However, Wheaton obviously also wants his show to remain on the air, for which ratings matter:

“If you can watch it in some way that the network can score (on broadcast or via one of the legally-supported websites), please do that, because the more people who watch it in a way the network can count, the more likely it is they will order a full season of the show.”

The only problem with this seems to be that SyFy has decided to limit the online release of the show. Hulu offers free access to the first episode of the show, but subscribers of Hulu Plus won’t be able to watch the episode on their TV, and instead have to stream it on their computer. iTunes, (S AAPL) Google (S GOOG) Play and Amazon (S AMZN) don’t have the show available at all, which means that many Wheaton fans may just resort to those “alternative means.”