Cloudant DBaaS and web app state management

Keeping track of user state information is a critical function whenever people are logging into and out of an application.

Much like a video game, when people save their progress, they expect the game to remember what level they were on, how many lives they had, and that the proper items have remained in their inventory. This metadata gives the game a mechanism for remembering the state of a user’s game. Everything needs to be in order the next time they log in.

Modern web and mobile applications share similar needs, with the added complexity of fluctuating usage and larger scale.

Cloudant¬†provides a web-friendly database service for persisting state information, no matter how busy an application gets. It’s delivered as a fully managed cloud service, which has the added benefit of offloading time-consuming DBA work. More than just a “hosted database,” Cloudant engineers are behind the scenes running the service 24/7, helping customers with things like database sharding, adding server nodes to clusters, system monitoring and performance optimization.

Cloudant is a NoSQL service built on web standards like JSON and REST APIs. The core database service uses Apache CouchDB™, which Cloudant has adapted to run in a clustered environment that can span three nodes in the same rack or hundreds of nodes across geographically distributed data centers.

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