Android Wear-equipped LG G Watch hits the FCC, will not have cellular connectivity

The LG G Watch, which will be the first Android Wear smartwatch to hit the market, is expected to officially launch before the end of Q2. On its way to a U.S. launch, the G Watch stopped by the FCC for a little bit of testing and the commission’s documents are now available online.

There isn’t a whole lot of new information in the FCC testing docs, but one notable omission is the lack of any kind of cellular connectivity. If you were hoping for voice calls sans phone, you won’t be getting it with the LG-W100, which is its official product moniker. As expected, the smartwatch will use Bluetooth LE for its connection to a smartphone.

Although a few Korean publications had surmised that the G Watch would come with a built-in SIM card, Android Wear does not require standalone cellular connectivity, as opposed to a future Samsung Tizen-based device, which will reportedly be able to work as a phone on its own. The lack of cellular connectivity is disappointing for some, but most likely will keep costs down. Previously, LG confirmed the UK price for the device will be £180, which means we’re probably looking for sub-$200 pricing when it hits US shores.

We’ll probably get more details about the LG G Watch and Android Wear at Google(s goog) I/O conference on June 25. There is a developer preview of an Android Wear build available, and we’re starting to see the first screenshots of notifications trickle out, so it makes sense that we’ll learn more soon.