Deutsche Telekom seeks U.S. partners for its Qivicon smart home play

Deutsche Telekom is looking for U.S. partners for its connected home hub and collection of devices called Qivicon. The Qivicon product consists of a home hub that combines a few radios and acts as the brains of the smart home, much like existing home hubs from startups and retailers. D-Link, Belkin, Samsung and Miele are among 32 existing partners that are building compatible devices and labeling them as Qivicon certified.

But DT wants more. Like Apple’s purported plans to help alleviate the problems of fragmentation in the smart home space by pre-certifying companies to work with iOS(s aapl) and Airplay devices, DT is trying to do the same thing with Quivicon. It is seeking U.S. device partners to certify with the program. AT&T(s t) is doing the same with its own home platform– opening it up to third-party devices earlier this month.

I’ve reached out to get cost information and find out which¬†radios are supported by the box, but for many consumers what will be exiting is that this platform emphasizes not just lights and outlets, but also appliances such as¬†washing machines or dishwashers. Getting those products online is going to prove tough until we have settled on a few industry standards and certifications. Those aren’t products a consumer wants to replace every few years as the trends shift. But it looks like the race to build those platforms is about to get into high gear.