Intel’s thin tablet shows off smaller new chip: Look Ma, no fans!

Intel keeps shrinking down its silicon in order to power more devices smaller than traditional computers. The company announced its new Core M processor, a smaller chip that device makers can use for Android(s goog) or Windows(s msft) software. Perhaps best of all: The new design is fanless.

That means your tablet, 2-in-one, phone or laptop using the Intel Core M processor won’t generate fan noise or use energy to power a fan. It’s similar to how chips based on the competing ARM(s armh) architecture work. Intel says that 130 devices are on tap using its mobile chips this year, with more than a dozen coming from hardware partners this week alone. These latest devices won’t use the new chip, but instead have recently released Intel Atom processors.

To display¬†what can be done with the new Intel Core M chip, Intel is showing off a device it built itself. The reference design is an example of what hardware partners can create or — if they want to — modify and rebrand as their own product. The example device is a 12.5-inch touchscreen tablet that can can fit into a docking keyboard for a traditional laptop form factor. There are several similar products on the market today, but this slate is just 7.2 millimeters thin; it helps when you don’t need to allocate space for a fan-based cooling system.