Looks like this is the Android Wear boot-up animation

Ahead of its second quarter launch, a system dump from the upcoming LG G Watch has hit the web, and among its goodies is what appears to be the Android Wear boot-up animation.


While the authenticity of the video can’t be confirmed, the leak dump contains a lot of APKs and libraries that would be hard to fake. Note at the end of the video there’s a new Android logo, which we could see introduced later this month at Google(s GOOG) I/O. The logo’s skinny typography is more in line with recent Android design language, even if it is less reminiscent of Android’s lovable green mascot.


Also included in the dump is a variety of watch faces. A small sample:

The leak comes courtesy of a new Twitter account, @upleaks, which describes him or herself as a “Chinese Phone Leaker.” @upleaks also describe the LG G Watch as the “reference device” for Android wear. If true, this is surprising — I expected Motorola’s announced Moto 360 to be the primary launch device for Android Wear, with LG’s product playing second fiddle. On one hand, Motorola Mobility is still a Google subsidiary , but LG’s experience building Nexus phones also means it can work closely to provide a positive experience for Google developers.

There’s a ton of other new discoveries to be made in the dump, including references to a remote shutter, a calorie counter and more details about Google Now on the wrist. We’ll most likely get Google’s official announcement at its annual I/O Developer conference on June 25.