Newly released DevOps survey concludes companies using DevOps have better IT

A consortium of enterprise organizations released a survey Wednesday on the state of DevOps in today’s tech marketplace. The survey, conducted by PuppetLabs, Thoughtworks, and IT Revolution Press, analyzed the results of 9,200 respondents from over 110 countries on questions covering everything from whether or not one’s organization and actively practices DevOps activities to IT job satisfaction. Among some of the survey’s highlights, 16 percent of respondents said they were part of DevOps departments and of that 16 percent, 55 percent identified as being DevOps or systems engineers; more than 90 percent of people involved with DevOps departments are part of companies in which there is good IT performance; and the majority of folks working in DevOps departments are in smaller-sized companies with around 20-499 employees. The study’s authors conclude that having DevOps practices in place improves IT performance, organizational culture can be used to predict IT performance, and job satisfaction is the number one predictor of an organization’s performance.