Control Oculus Rift, drones and Google Glass with these gloves

If you plan to invest in a now-famed Oculus Rift headset when they finally go on sale, you will probably want to pick up some kind of accessory as well. The Rift is great for looking around inside a virtual world, but it doesn’t let you interact with it with your body — an instinctual move for anyone in a brand new place.

Control VR is the latest startup to offer up an option for precise finger and hand tracking with its motion capturing system, which went up on Kickstarter today. It uses gloves, arm cuffs and a chest plate to bring a person’s real-time movements into virtual reality, allowing wearers to interact with their surroundings.

Control VR virtual reality gloves

The system is built to work with more than virtual reality. Control VR will release open-source tools for developers to make it compatible with Google Glass, Parrot’s AR drone and Unity’s video game development software. It can also be used to capture hand and finger movements and convert them into animations for gaming or film that are traditionally difficult to make.

Control VR will compete with existing virtual reality joystick options like Sixense’s STEM system, plus more specialized peripherals like gun-shaped controllers. Some Oculus-based startups like Survios have been working on in-house hand tracking solutions, so this could become an interesting option for them. Glove-based motion capturing systems do already exist, but they are very expensive.

The system is selling for $350 or $600 on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in December. Control VR is hoping to raise $250,000 by July 5.