Following the Samsung acqui-hire, Shelby TV will shut down next month

Video discovery startup Shelby TV will close down its apps and online service on July 1, the company announced Thursday. The move follows the acqui-hire of the Shelby TV team by Samsung, which I first reported last month. On its website, the Shelby team announced the move this way:

“We are excited to announce that our team has joined Samsung Electronics. We started this company four years ago to change the way we discover and enjoy video. We didn’t just write code though. We also built a brand that became synonymous with video discovery. We worked with world-class investors and mentors. We built a team of fantastic people – some of the best in the business – who loved working with each other day in, and day out. (…)

Our team is excited to develop new technology to meet these challenges as part of Samsung Electronics. Working with Samsung Electronics means we’ll have the resources to start fresh, building products that change the way we watch and discover our favorite content, now and long into the future.”

Shelby was one of a number of startups that built mobile apps for video discovery. The company underwent a few directional changes along the way, even going as far as shutting down the service briefly, only to reemerge with a revamped app late last year. I’ve heard that Shelby unsuccessfully tried to raise additional funding this year, which led to the decision to move to Samsung.