Google Glass gets more hands-free with notifications when you glance

Google(s goog) Glass just got easier to use thanks the latest software update from Google. Now users can enable an option that shows new notifications when Glass detects your eye looking at its small screen. Once the “Notification glance” setting is enabled and Glass is calibrated for proper eye-detection, Glass is easier to use hands-free.

Notification Glance

Notification glance works exactly as it sounds. Here’s how Google describes the feature, which it is currently asking Glass Explorers to test: “Before, when you heard a notification chime, you had to either nod your head up or tap the touchpad to see it. Now, you can just glance at your screen.”

Glass could previously snap a picture with the wink of an eye using similar technology but the new glance feature brings more smarts to the wearable display. I’m surprised Google didn’t enable notification glance in the past; the needed sensors have been in the device all along, of course. And Google has long had a way for Glass to detect when the device is being worn.