Here’s what Tizen, Samsung’s non-Android software, actually looks like (video)

Over the past few years, Samsung has built a large share of smartphone sales on the back of Google(s goog) Android software. As that was happening,  though, the company worked on its own mobile operating system and is now starting to sell phones with it. The platform is called Tizen and if you’re familiar with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface on its Galaxy smartphones, it will probably look very familiar.

The new Samsung Z handset is the first phone to ship with Tizen. Here’s a short look at what buyers can expect.


SamMobile, which shared the video created by TheHandheldBlog, points out the many similarities between Tizen and TouchWiz on Android.

Samsung’s strategy here is clever. While it could continue to dominate sales of Android phones, other Android partners will pressure the market with their own innovations. The only way to eliminate that competition is to create a new platform entirely — exactly what Samsung has done with Tizen.

Of course, new mobile device platforms are risky business too. With Android and iOS so entrenched in today’s market, it’s difficult to become a star in tomorrow’s market. This is the challenge faced by Microsoft’s(s misfit) Windows Phone, which is actually solid software following the last update.

Samsung knows this, which means it can keep using Android successfully as it tries to transition devices to its own Tizen software. If Tizen doesn’t work out, Samsung still has a winner with its Android phones.