More leaked photos of parts reinforce iPhone 6 design similar to iPod touch

Apple(s aapl) didn’t discuss hardware at last week’s WWDC event so the iPhone 6 rumors continue to mount. New photos of the handset’s alleged back casing appeared on a Chinese website on Sunday showing more reported evidence that Apple is slimming down its iPhone while also boosting the screen size.

It’s important to note that there’s no way to guarantee the authenticity of the images, which show nothing but the metal case plate for a new iPhone. However, the pictures do corraborate with prior images of dummy hardware mocks for case manufacturers and repeated reports of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model with design cues from the iPod touch. Here’s a gallery of the latest pics:

SlashGear posits that the images have come directly from the floor of Foxconn, which manufactures some of Apple’s hardware products. There’s no way to be sure but it’s likely that Apple is already having its hardware partners produce the iPhone 6 now in order to meet a launch date just months from now, most likely with the fall debut of iOS 8 and its more open style of software.

I suspect the case images are real; mainly because there’s been too much chatter and prior visual evidence that corresponds to this design. And as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind if this design was the real deal. The iPod touch is one of my favorite all time devices because of its sleek, rounded corner design.

The images also make sense from another perspective: For a larger screened iPhone, it makes sense to move the power button from the top to the side so it’s easier to reach. Also note the cutout for the flash on these case images. The company uses a dual LED flash for the iPhone 5s. I suspect it will have found a way to provide the “True Tone” flash with a single LED for the iPhone 6.