Armed with 7 million data points, True&Co launches new bra sizing spectrum

While it is difficult finding the proper fit for any clothing garment, those looking for a new bra have their work cut out for them. Not only do bras come in a variety of band and cup sizes that are analogous (for example, a 32 B and a 34 C are nearly the same), but sizes can vary greatly across manufacturers. Data-driven lingerie startup True&Co., which formally launched in 2012, said on Tuesday that it is taking sizing to another level by launching a color spectrum wheel tool that suggests bras based on 7 million different data points and 6,000 different body types .


True & Co is an ecommerce company that offers users a selection of bras and underwear based on a two-minute “fit quiz” that helps determine proper sizing. Users then pick out a selection of bras for a “try-on” process, keeping the ones they like and sending the others back along with proper feedback about fit. In addition to selling a wide range of third-party manufacturers, True&Co. is also developing their own products.

At launch, there are 8 new “colors” on True & Co.’s new “TrueSpectrum” designed to work alongside traditional sizing to help True&Co’s users find a better fitting bra. Users who take the company’s standard quiz after June 10 will receive their color alongside their standard band and cup sizes. No more than a third of True&Co’s users fit into a particular color group: “Citrine,” which corresponds to the “full and round” shape, encompasses the sizing of roughly 28 percent of women, while “Mulberry,” which corresponds to the “full on the sides” shape,  represents just 3 percent. True&Co’s CEO, Michelle Lam, told me that the system is scalable, and the company has purposefully left colors untouched to bring even more shapes to market.

In addition to the new sizing, True&Co launched a 15-piece line of lingerie, entitled “Uniform,” designed to take advantage of the new sizing. Users who shop the line will be able to narrow down choices by color as well as size. Since launching its own line in October of last year, the company says that it has grown 500 percent in revenue, with its own products making up a quarter of overall sales. The company says that it currently has roughly 500,000 members.

Check out Michelle Lam’s presentation back at Gigaom’s Roadmap conference last year:

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