Pivotal adds new enterprise-y features to its Cloud Foundry implementation

Pivotal has made enterprise PaaS adoption, well at least Pivotal CF adoption, a rallying cry and now it’s adding features to appeal to big companies wanting to build and deploy their own applications across multiple clouds.

For example, Pivotal CF users can now deploy applications in dual availability zones across clouds to boost redundancy and it has gussied up its dashboards to reflect real-time application status, the company said. The news comes from the Cloud Foundry Summit in San Francisco Tuesday.

PivotalCF,  is part of Pivotal’s push which also incorporates other technologies contributed by Pivotal parent companies EMC(s dmc) and VMware(s vmw). They include EMC’s Greenplum big data analytics, Pivotal Labs’ agile development, Cetas analytics, VMware’s vFabric and Cloud Foundry.

While Pivotal touts big users like General Electric(s ge) which has a $105 million stake in the company –, Axel Springer, Cisco, SAS and others at the summit, it still sort of seems like inside baseball for the PaaS elite. The news thus far is stuff like  one PaaS vendor (Mendix) supporting another PaaS (Cloud Foundry). You get the drift. It just seems that many developers who drove early adoption of PaaS  — have moved on to lighter weight container strategies as exemplified by Docker, which is hosting its own conference this week.

Still, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz is banking that Pivotal — including but not limited to PivotalCF — will be the basis of a set of totally new data-rich applications to be deployed by enterprises that think it’s time to jettison legacy technology for totally new stuff. That’s a message that Scott Yara, president of new products for Pivotal (and co-founder of Greenplum) can address more next week at Structure.

Pivotal President Scott Yara

Pivotal President Scott Yara