Two Apple alums take leading roles at Pinterest

Pinterest announced Tuesday that it will be adding two former Apple (s aapl) execs to its stable of more than 300 employees. Both hires, who spent a combined total of nearly 20 years at Apple, will help the company scale and design their current platform —┬álikely growth fueled by the company’s recent $200 million Series F round.

Michael Lopp, who was most recently a director at intelligence software company┬áPalantir, will join Pinterest as the head of engineering — taking over for Jon Jenkins, who left the slot in December. Before his stint at Palantir, Lopp spent nine years at Apple, where he was on the senior leadership team and managed both Mac OS X and Apple’s Online Store. According to Pinterest, “Michael Lopp will lead the technical team behind Pinterest focused on product development and scaling an infrastructure with 30B+ Pins.”

Bob Baxley will join the team in a newly created position as head of product design and research, reporting to head of product Tim Kendall. In his time at Apple, Baxley served as senior leadership for the company’s retail and e-commerce teams, helping to create the Apple Online Store as well as transactional components of iPhoto and Garageband. In his new role, Baxley will oversee the team in charge of building the front-end design for mobile and also manage the user research┬áteam, which gathers feedback to help further product development.

Pinterest, which is based in San Franscisco, says that engineers make up more than half of its employee base.