DramaFever to launch new platforms for documentaries and horror movies

New York-based streaming video startup DramaFever will launch new verticals for documentaries and horror movies in the coming months, DramaFever co-founder Seung Bak revealed during a panel at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco on Wednesday. Bak said that the company plans to launch a dedicated platform for documentaries later this year and a horror movie channel in early 2015.

DramaFever made its name by importing and subtitling Korean dramas, which the company is making available to paying subscribers on its website, mobile devices and through connected platforms. The company also offers a more limited, ad-supported tier and has licensing deals with Hulu, Netflix (S NFLX) and others.

Initially, DramaFever focused just on content arbitrage, which means that the company has been licensing content from foreign broadcasters who otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach audiences in the U.S.. But Bak said Wednesday that the company is now also co-producing content, and that its paying subscribers are watching DramaFever for two hours a day on average. “What we really are doing is next-generation television channels,” he said.

Check out my previous interview with Bak below: