Here are the LG G Watch’s supposed specs

Last week, we first saw the LG G Watch startup animation, courtesy of a system dump from new Chinese leaker Upleaks. On Tuesday, the still-new Twitter account uploaded what looks like a complete list of specs for the G Watch, and it answers a bunch of major questions we had about one of the first Android Wear(s goog) devices.

According to Upleaks, the LG G Watch will be powered by a Qualcomm(s qcom) APQ8026 processor and 4Gb of DDR2 memory, will sport a 1.66-inch 280 x 280 display, and weigh roughly 61 grams, although according to the sheet, that is to be determined. Of course, Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy is used to connect the smartwatch to a phone. The 400mAh battery built in should be good for about 36 hours, given that the standby sensors — which include ambient light, touch, a pedometer, and a tilt sensor — consume roughly 11mA per hour. A 36 hour battery life still means users would likely need to charge their smartwatch overnight.

What’s missing? First of all, there’s no GPS, so using it as a run tracker will be out of the question, at least without also bringing your phone along.

The features list is also interesting: it says Android Wear will take memos and send SMSes through voice command, and it can receive email through the “notification of phone.” Early looks at Android Wear have tipped the platform to be a companion to Google Now running on a phone, and these leaked specs back that up: this device won’t have cellular connectivity, so it will have to be paired to a phone to send SMSes or get data, for example.

As we get closer to Google I/O, where Android Wear is expected to be publicly demoed, LG G Watch leaks are certainly becoming more common. The latest rumor is that the LG G Watch is the reference device for Android Wear developers, and as part of that, Google will be giving them out free to I/O attendees. We’ll know for sure later this month at Google I/O, where Gigaom will have multiple reporters covering whatever surprises Google decides to reveal.