Upcoming Gigaom Event: Google versus AWS? Is it even fair?

Urs Hölzle, the SVP of Technical Infrastructure and a Google Fellow, will share lessons learned from the world’s largest cloud, specifically Google’s PaaS and IaaS offering. However, Google is nowhere near the leader in the cloud computing space, with AWS (Amazon Web Services) way ahead of the pack and both Google and Microsoft attempting to catch up as fast as they can.

Indeed, many would say that it is not even a fair fight. AWS’ lead is far too great and its technology far too strong to allow Google to catch up. That’s certainly going to be the likely opinion of Dr. Werner Vogels, the CTO of AWS, who is responsible for driving the company’s technology vision.

However, while the cloud computing market is certainly many billion dollars, the size of the market today is relatively small when compared to the potential market value in three to five years. If you look at the key market indicators and analyst reports, most agree that AWS will lose a few percentages of its lead over the next several years, with Google catching up quickly.

So if the cloud is the computer, then the size of the cloud market will be the size of computing. The stakes are so massive that most don’t yet understand the degree of change that enterprise IT will undergo in the next several years. At the same time computing itself is changing, including the shift away from existing enterprise hardware and technology players to those that only understand how to deliver technology over the open internet, such as both Google and AWS.

Will this be a fair fight? I suspect that Google has more of an advantage than many understand. I’m sure Hölzle will agree with that. However, AWS most certainly has some tricks up its sleeve, and Vogels will likely agree with that. Come to Structure on June 18 and 19 and see what these cloud gurus have to say and judge for yourself whether the fight is fair.

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–David Linthicum