Apple requests patent for iPad Smart Cover with notification screens

The Smart Cover on your next iPad(s aapl) could notify you with high-priority alerts, email notifications and more. An Apple patent filing published on Thursday shows the idea, which isn’t all that different from some similar implementations found on various Android(s goog) smartphones such as the LG G3. Aside from lighting up, an iPad┬áSmart Cover based on the patent could even contain a cut-out to show part of the iPad screen for more detailed information.

Apple iPad Smart Cover priority notifications

The filed patent request, which the PatentlyApple site found, doesn’t guarantee that Apple will actually create a new iPad Smart Cover that has such notification features. Clearly, the company is at least considering the idea of course. Based on the illustrations for the patent request, you can see a number of different ways the Smart Cover could alert a user: Through LEDs or via the transparent window showing the iPad screen below:

Apple iPad Smart Cover notifications


Getting power to the Smart Cover for lit notifications would likely have to come from the iPad itself, although no detailed description of how that would work is mentioned. While the current Smart Cover is pretty useful — it works as a stand and automatically wakes the iPad when opened — if Apple were to implement the ideas in this patent, it would be an even smarter cover.