Google will reportedly announce “Google Fit,” a health data service, later this month

Google(s goog) will launch a health-based service called “Google Fit” later this month at its annual I/O developers conference, according to an article published in Forbes on Thursday. The service will collect data from a variety of fitness trackers and apps — which sounds a lot like a competitor to HealthKit, the service Apple announced last week at WWDC.

According to the report, Google Fit is a framework to aggregate biometric data, and there will be partnerships with wearable device makers announced at I/O. The article quotes an unnamed source who said that Google Fit could use a wearable to measure steps or heart rate. I expect two Android Wear devices to get some stage time at I/O: Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. While it’s unclear whether those devices will end up being the fitness trackers Google announces in conjunction with Google Fit, leaks suggest the LG G Watch will have a pedometer and a touch sensor built in.

One of the issues that Google is likely running into is the threat of FDA regulation. There’s a fine line between a consumer product and a medical device that requires medical approval, and Apple has talked to the FDA about how to avoid going through a costly approval process with its own health platform.

Aside from that, details are scarce. But we’ll certainly learn more at Google I/O on June 25 and 26, where Gigaom will be covering whatever Google’s got up its sleeve.