Smaller Samsung smartwatch tested by FCC, possibly for Android Wear

We’re just two weeks away from this year’s Google(s goog) I/O developer event where the first Android Wear smartwatches are expected to debut. We already know about the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 but Google does have additional hardware partners for Android Wear. Samsung is one and it’s possible that its newest wearable could appear soon.

SammyToday found FCC test reports on Friday for Samsung’s SM-R382, a “smart wearable” “wristwatch” based on the FCC documents. Unlike the company’s existing Gear watches, this Samsung wearable is a bit smaller; about 10 millimeters shorter from top to bottom.

sm-r382 fcc test drawing

The FCC only tests radio transmissions so there’s no indication of what operating system the device will run. Android Wear is obviously an Android derivative from Google. Samsung was using Android to power its Gear devices but has since switched over to its own Tizen software. It’s possible that this new device also runs Tizen, but the timing of the test lines up nicely with the Android Wear debut this month; my gut says this will be the third Android Wear device Google will show off at Google I/O as a result.

While Samsung seems to be striking out on its own with Tizen in wearable devices, it makes sense for the company to play it safe with an Android Wear device of its own. There are far more developers for Android than Tizen, for example, which means if the company skips Android Wear entirely, it could miss out on apps for its own wearable device.