First Google Glass at Work partners show wearable computer potential in many places

In April, Google announced a new Glass at Work program and on Monday it announced its first partners in the program. APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence are the initial five certified to deliver enterprise software for Google’s(s goog) wearable device.

Augmedix Glass App

Google also shared a case study of Dignity Health, whose health practitioners wear Google Glass and use special software from Augmedix during a patient visit:

The audio and visual information is securely streamed via the Glass device through the Augmedix solution, where a combination of technology and human resources ensure that accurate information is entered into the patient’s electronic medical record in real time.

In addition, physicians have the ability to access patient data and search for information by making simple verbal requests similar to OnStar or Siri.


Is this a solution in search of a problem? Based on results of the study, I’d say no: There’s a tangible benefit in the form of more doctor-patient interaction. Doctors spent 35 percent more time with their patients during the study while reducing the time they spent taking notes, from 33 percent to 9 percent of the time with a patient.

Although Google has been improving Glass on a regular basis, it still looks to me like the device will find more initial success in vertical markets though its Glass at Work partners than through consumer sales.

That’s not a condemnation of the product, just a perceived shift in focus. It’s not even an uncommon one as smartphones and other connected devices were once the domain of enterprise workers who needed to stay connected to the job. Look around now and consumers have hundreds of thousands of reasons to stay connected thanks to mobile apps and social networks.