Parallels just made it easier to remotely access a computer from iPhones and Androids

Add another remote desktop mobile app to the list: Parallels Access is now available for iPhone and Android. The software, used to connect and use a computer remotely, was previously available for the big screen on Apple’s iPad. With the new release, you can get a similar experience on a smaller screen.

Parallels says the new software will work on devices running iOS(s aapl) 7 or better while Android(s goog) users will need Android 4.0 at a minimum.


New to this version is the ability to use Facebook(s fb) as a login method to a remote computer. iOS users gain a new file browser for the remote computer and you can use the iOS device microphone with a remote app. Android users can launch desktop apps with a single tap of the home screen, almost like launching a local Android app. And regardless of the mobile device, you can modify the screen resolution of the app so that you’re not staring at super-small desktop icons from miles away on your phone or tablet.

parallels access on android phone

There’s a two-week free trial for the app but after that you’ll have to pay. And here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of buying the app, you actually pay for a subscription to use Parallels Access. The normal price is $19.99 for one year or $34.99 to use Parallels Access for two years. The company is running a promotion for new customers who purchase before the end of this month: A two-year subscription costs $29.99. All subscriptions let you access up to five remote computers.

Businesses can pay a bit more —¬†$49.99 a year — to add some remote access management tools and security; handy for IT folks. Parallels is letting customers try¬†Parallels Access for Business for free until the end of July.