Activity booking site Vayable takes on host/guest match-making with its last-minute mobile app

While the world of last-minute mobile booking for hotels is booming — with both HotelTonight and Airbnb offering quick options for users seeking to snag a room as close to same-day as possible — what do you do once you get there? Well, now there is a last-minute booking site to go with those last-minute hotels, as activity search and booking site Vayable announced a new app, Vayable for iPhone, on Wednesday.

The new app allows for users to book activities in six cities —  New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Barcelona and Rome — up to seven days in advance of the trip. Vayable, which was founded in 2010, specializes in “host-led” local tours on everything from museum guides to bar crawls. The hosts available in the new Vayable app will be culled from a select few of Vayable’s “insiders,” which are selected for their reliability and quality service.

Screenshots courtesy of Viable

Screenshots courtesy of Vayable

But the last-minute booking also has an advantage for those approved insiders, who will be able to use the app to specifically list when they are available to offer their services. From the user end, this eliminates the back and forth on scheduling and timing that many activities need. Meanwhile, insiders are able to maximize their time by setting their schedule and essentially forgetting it — allowing business to come to them. Vayable’s app also facilitates chat between the insider and the user, to make room for changes and custom experiences.

Overall, Vayable’s decision to move towards last-minute booking is a smart one. While some people may not necessarily be in the habit of booking last-minute travel, booking activities while in-destination or in the middle of vacation is common practice. Vayable’s app takes advantage of the trendy last-minute booking feature to provide a service that will make the service much more usable for travelers.