Crate and Nimboxx are the winners of the 2014 Structure Launchpad competition

Data-store company Crate and IT hardware specialist Nimboxx left today’s Structure event as the winners of Gigaom’s Launchpad competition. Crate won the judges’ hearts and took home the Judge’s Choice award while Nimboxx captivated the audience and won the People’s Choice award.

The panel of three judges—comprised of Samuel Angus of Fenwick & West, Heroku’s Tod Nielsen, and Michael Redding of Accenture Technology Labs—took to Crate’s “super-scalable data store” that can help companies deal with big data analytics.

Redding praised Crate’s choice to use a SQL interface for its product, which he said would cause enterprises to adopt the product because of the popularity of SQL and “get into a distributed architecture for a lower training cost.”

After the judges made their decision, the audience voted for Nimboxx, whose data-center-in-a box is tailored for folks who don’t want to deal with the headache that comes with running tons of virtual machines and managing complex architecture.

As Trent Fitz, Nimbox’s chief marketing officer pointed out regarding a friendly comment from one of his clients, “Their kung fu is strong.”

A video embed of the session follows below:

Photo by Jakub Mosur
Structure 2014 ticker