Structure 2014 live coverage

More than 20 years ago, Sun Microsystems, one of the pioneering companies of the technology revolution, marketed its wares with a simple catchphrase: “The network is the computer.” That network has grown up quite a bit since then, to the point where it’s pretty clear to the creators and users of technology that in today’s world, the cloud is the computer.

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It’s time once again for our annual state of the cloud conference, formally known as Structure 2014. Over the next two days at UCSF in San Francisco, we’ll have a chance to hear from some of the best and brightest among the leaders in enterprise computing, including Werner Vogels of Amazon(s AMZN), Urs Hölzle of Google(s goog), Diane Bryant of Intel(s intc) and Scott Guthrie of Microsoft(s msft). We’ll showcase startups that vow to challenge this establishment in our Launchpad session, and hear from a lot of folks outside of the traditional tech industry who are challenged with bringing the benefits of the cloud and other enterprise technologies in their companies.

Structure 2014 is the largest conference Gigaom has ever produced. We’ve sold more tickets to this event than any other single event in our history, and we expect more people at this event than ever before. If you can’t make it, there’s a link to a livestream in the image above, and you’ll find links to all of our coverage from the event in this post.

Follow us on Twitter @gigaom for more updates, and the hashtag for the conference is #gigaomlive. Please join us for what promises to be an exciting and informative couple of days.

Day 2:

Day 1:

Photo by Jakub Mosur