VMware: NSA revelations have been the single biggest issue for cloud clients

The impact of Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA spying have been the single biggest issue that has changed the conversation for VMware’s cloud clients, said Bill Fathers, VMware’s SVP of hybrid cloud services, at Gigaom’s Structure conference on Wednesday. “It’s been absolutely fascinating,” Fathers said in a conversation about making the enterprise comfortable with the public cloud. Currently just two or three percent of work loads are in the public cloud, but Fathers expects that to move to 20 percent over the years.

Initially the spying revelations created a very short-term, knee-jerk reaction that the privacy breach would mean the death of public cloud adoption, Fathers said. But months later, there’s now a general acknowledgement that public clouds can actually deliver better security, as well as performance and economics, compared to enterprises’ own infrastructure and private clouds, Fathers said:

“Clouds are already starting to get big enough that they’re being run with far better security and performance than even the richest companies in the world can dream of running in private clouds.”

Fathers thinks the concerns about data privacy and the NSA will actually “massively accelerate the adoption of the public cloud,” instead of leading to companies fearing putting their data in the public cloud.


Photo by Jakub Mosur

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