Already going strong, SaaS adoption keeps on growing

Software-as-a-Service has been at the vanguard of cloud adoption, with crm) starting to blaze the trail more than a decade ago and Workday, Okta, Zoho and other players following behind. But growth for SaaS shows no sign of slowing, according to new research from North Bridge Venture Partners working with Gigaom Research.

Among 1,348 respondents surveyed, SaaS adoption grew five-fold from 11 percent to 74 percent in the four years that North Bridge started running Future of Cloud Computing Survey, said Michael Skok, general partner of North Bridge Venture Partners. Of the total field surveyed, 43 percent of which were cloud users, 57 percent were tech vendors. Skok talked more about the findings at Structure this week.

North Bridge also found that more than half (56 percent) are using Infastructure-as-a-Service, and 41 percent are using Platform-as-a-Service to build new applications

Security issues remain the biggest drawback to broader cloud adoption in general, with nearly half (49 percent) of respondents saying they worry about the security of their data. Anxiety over cloud interoperability is on the wane, with 17 percent citing it this year versus 27 percent in 2013. The specter of vendor lock-in remains an issue for 29 percent of users.

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Photo by Jakub Mosur

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