Pure Storage obtains more than 100 patents from IBM

Pure Storage, an upstart flash-storage company that is in the midst of a nasty intellectual property spat with rival EMC, announced on Thursday that it has acquired more than 100 patents from IBM.

Joe FitzGerald, the VP of Legal for Pure Storage, said in a statement that the deal significantly increase the number patents the company holds and that its customers will benefit from its “more robust and strategic” portfolio. The company’s CEO also said it would take “the moral high ground” in its use of the new IP.

The parties did not disclose financial terms, but did say the deal involves a cross-licensing arrangement. It’s also not immediately clear what the patent purchase will mean for Pure Storage on a tactical level. The company didn’t say, for instance, whether it will assert the patents against EMC or if the deal involves IBM helping it with technological issues.

Pure Storage offers flash-based storage, which offers better performance but is more expensive than conventional hardware storage.