Dropcam was only the beginning. How Nest plans to build a smart home empire.

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Today’s news that Nest is throwing open its developer program with integrations from vendors that range from Logitech to LIFX looks like Google’s answer to Apple’s HomeKit program. So we asked Cory Sorice at Chamberlain, about the garage door company’s participation in both programs (I like the MyQ product it offers). Sorice couldn’t offer many details, but he did discuss a vendors point of view when it comes to choosing which firms to integrate with and the tensions between providing a product and an overarching service.

Before we get into that, Kevin and I discuss the recent spin out of Wink by Quirky and what Wink will need to be a success in the consumer market against all of the other players trying to tie the smart home together. We also theorize about the future of Nest and Dropcam after Friday’s announcement that Nest would spend $555 million to buy the Wi-Fi connected camera company.

Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guests: Kevin Tofel and Cory Sorice of Chamberlain

  • What’s going on with Wink?
  • Why AI and recommendation engines will be essential for the smart home
  • Nest has a new developer integration program that resembles Apple’s HomeKit
  • How does a 60-year old company pick partners for the smart home?
  • Is it better to build the product or the service? Or is the internet of things a bad bet for VCs?

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