New Twilio and Google venture turns Google Chromebooks into call centers

Twilio and Google (S GOOG) are collaborating on a new enterprise communication product called Twilio CX for Chromebook, which is essentially a Google Chromebook that comes loaded with the Twilio client, which has the ability to embed the voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) into a webpage so users can make their phone calls in a browser.

Historically, call centers were the stuff of nightmares with tons of cumbersome equipment to deal that wouldn’t get replaced for ten years, said Lynda Smith, Twilio’s chief marketing officer. The new fully loaded Chromebook, which also come with a Plantronics voice headset, is Twilio and Google’s attempt to cut out the bulk and introduce a smaller and more agile call center product.

The new product also comes with 7,500 Twilio minutes per month and can be had for $75 per month as well as an additional fee to be determined by Twilio’s partners who sell the device to the public. LiveOps, the cloud-based contact center, is the launch partner but Twilio said it would expand the program to other partners.

In late May, Twilio released a new offering called Message Delivery Information, which helps users understand why a message they may have sent could have failed.

Post and thumbnail images courtesy of Shutterstock user asharkyu.