Buffer’s Daily app is a “Tinder for news” that makes you look smart on Twitter

Daily-swipeOne of the biggest challenges on social media sites, especially on a real-time platform like Twitter (s twtr), can be finding something to say. While scheduling app Buffer has remedied that by allowing users to schedule tweets or links directly from a bookmark (becoming an essential tool in my everyday social media arsenal) it hasn’t had a proper showcase for its other use — surfacing links to schedule automatically, no vetting required.

Buffer’s link suggestion algorithms power its new iOS (s aapl) app, Daily. Marketed as a “Tinder for news,” users can quickly sift through Buffer’s link suggestions, swiping left to trash and right to load into Buffer for Twitter as well as Facebook (s fb), LinkedIn (s linkd), and Google+ (s goog).¬†There isn’t much tweeted beyond a link to news — Buffer picks out content in areas like Marketing and Design — and the odd standalone quote, with no opportunity to actually edit the material before it goes out. However, the app’s lightweight interface makes it easy to find raw material to share to social networks quickly, helping you sound smart and relatively well-informed.

While pushing algorithmically generated content doesn’t necessarily promote authenticity — part of social media has always been about being yourself — Daily is really for the news junkies that are already combing the internet for stories to share. It’s hard to tell whether Daily provides a diverse enough set of articles¬†from the get-go to really capture people who don’t normally share content in the business, tech, or design world, but it could certainly help Twitter power users surface content and share links when nothing strikes them organically and keep up engagement among followers.