Intel disrupting the data center

The adoption of cloud architecture has fundamentally and forever changed how information and communication technology are deployed. We are moving from the days when IT supported the business to a future where IT is the business. The resulting explosion of new businesses and services and subsequent value creation has been coined “the digital services economy.” It promises instant access and seemingly unlimited capacity to consumers and rapid service delivery for line-of -business owners and lower overall TCO for IT. The problem ahead is legacy infrastructure’s inherent limitations on delivering capabilities to meet this vision.

Something has to change. In the keynote video below from Gigaom Structure 2014, Intel GM Raejeanne Skillern articulates Intel’s vision for data center disruption including opening the sand box with custom silicon delivery, breaking the box to reinvent DC systems, expediting service delivery and ensuring service optimization for every workload, and unlocking the data vault to help monetize the value of data stores.
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