Twitter rolls out mobile app install ads worldwide

After exploring new ad units for the past few months, Twitter (s twtr) announced Monday that it will move its mobile app install card advertisement unit out of beta and roll it out worldwide. The unit allows users to directly install advertised apps onto their Android phone (s goog) or iPhone (s aapl).

Twitter began experimenting with mobile app install ads in April of this year, which took advantage of Twitter’s existing card system. Brands can target their ads based on Twitter’s data, including interest, keyword, TV targeting and tailored audiences, along with traditional gender, geographic, language and mobile platform specifications. The ad can automatically port the app’s description from the Google Play or App Store, or run with customized language. Users can open the app directly from Twitter, and will see a notification inside the platform once the app has installed.

Twitter’s focus on ads isn’t limited to its own platform — I wrote earlier this month about the extra power (and one billion users) the company will take advantage of with its acquired ad exchange MoPub. Enriching Twitter’s own ads is the first step — it will be interesting to see how the company can take its ad targeting capabilities and data to MoPub’s greater ad network, and across many apps on a mobile phone.