Security startup Hexadite comes out of stealth mode and takes in $2.5 million

Security startup Hexadite has come out of stealth mode to announce a $2.5 million dollar funding round. The company will use the money for research and development, bulking up on staff and opening a U.S. office, most likely in Silicon Valley, in October, said CEO and co-founder Eran Barak.

In modern day computer security, the majority of security companies operate within one of these four areas: incidence prevention, detection, incident response and forensics, said Barak. Hexadite falls in the incident response category as it is a sort of emergency response service that organizations can use once their own security detection client starts sounding the sirens.

“We don’t care who attacked you or from where,” said Barak. “We care about stopping the attack and stopping the other attacks.”

Hexadite works by linking up to an organization’s existing security radar system, such as those offered by IBM (S IBM), through the use of its APIs.

Once an organization’s prevention service gets warning of an attack, Hexadite’s service receives a cyber alert and its virtual agent goes into the system to collect the data related to the attack. It then shoots it back over to Hexadite’s servers where its propriety algorithms — based on those found in law enforcement — can analyze the information and assess the best way to handle the situation.

A user will only have to install a virtual agent when a security threat has been identified. After being installed, the virtual agent collects any specific data the security teams deem important to gather more information and is then deleted when its task is complete.

Barak said it will be a few months until Hexadite plans on releasing its service to the public. Hexadite’s founders were all at one point all members of Unit 8200, a part of Israeli Military Intelligence that specializes in cyber intelligence gathering. The company currently has ten employees.

YL Ventures drove the investment round along with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Moshe Lichtman.

Post and thumbnail images courtesy of Shutterstock user Nata-Lia.