Download this: Sunrise, a great free calendar app for the Mac

Google(s goog) Calendar users looking for a better calendar app need look no further than Sunrise.
The app has long been a favorite of mine on multiple platforms such as iOS(s aapl), Android(s goog) and the web; there’s even a Chrome version for Chromebook owners that we featured on our Chrome Show podcast. On Thursday, Sunrise found its way to the Mac App Store and is now available.
Aside from the pleasant-looking layout, Sunrise is filled with tasty tidbits that make it a solid calendar contender. It works on- or offline, of course, and has native Mac notifications for any reminders of upcoming or daily events. It also synchronizes directly with the mobile version of Sunrise on iOS and Android. And you can connect Evernote, Tripit, Foursquare, Asana, Github, Songkick, and Producteev to it.
evernote and sunrise
Events in Sunrise are typically more informative than those in Google’s base calendar app. And I also like that Sunrise includes a bunch of “interesting calendars” with the app. I’ve added the schedules for Nascar, my Liverpool FC matches, and a few other personal interest calendars. Clearly, if you don’t use Google for your calendar needs, this is a pass for your Mac. If you do, however, it’s well worth the download; particularly since it’s currently free.