What are you waiting for? Apply for the [email protected] connected device program

Do you have an awesome idea for a connected product? Maybe it’s a sensor that can detect servers overheating in data centers. Maybe it’s a connected fridge (finally!) or a new UI for interacting with the world around us. Whatever it is, if you want a chance to show it to the smartest people building out connected homes and businesses at Gigaom’s Structure Connect event in October, apply here for a chance to demonstrate your device.
We’ve created a program called the [email protected] where startups and dreamers that may not have the funds to attend the event can still show off their wares. We’ll have room for 30 people, and each person who gets into the program is getting a table for one day of the event on Oct. 21 or 22.
Applicants not only get the chance to demonstrate their products, they also get one free ticket to the show, with speakers including  the CEOs of iControl, SmartThings and LogMeIn. For more on Structure Connect, check out this post.
[email protected] isn’t just for startups. Academics and hobbyists with a prototype and a plan to make them into something real should apply too. The deadline to apply is August 5th, 2014 and we’ll notify the lucky 30 on August 15. So if you want a free ticket to an awesome event and exposure to great ideas and people, then apply now and start building.
Photo by Jakub Mosur