Your Android Wear smartwatch can now trigger an Android camera from afar

Android(s goog) Wear’s Google Now-powered(s goog) contextual notifications might get most of the attention, but the platform’s second killer feature is as a remote control for your Android device. A new feature in the Google Camera 2.3 update, rolling out Thursday, allows you to use your watch as a wireless remote shutter for your phone.
After updating, when you launch the camera app on your Android phone, a card pops up on the Android Wear screen. Set up your Android-running camera and tap your smartwatch. You’ll get a three second countdown before the shutter snaps, so say cheese.
Selfies from front-facing cameras might be acceptable, but the shooter on the back of your phone produces much higher quality photos. A remote shutter makes self-portraits significantly easier and can help you get clearer pictures and reduce shake as well.
Currently, Android Wear’s remote shutter features is only available on Google’s Camera app because it requires a new application package specifically for this purpose. The update is rolling out in stages and is will be available from Google Play.