Amazon snags Babak Parviz, the man behind Google Glass

You may not recognize the name of Amazon’s(s amzn) newest employee, but there’s a good chance you’ll know his work: Babak Parviz, one of the project leaders behind Google Glass(s goog), is moving on to Amazon.
Parviz announced the news himself over the weekend in a simple Google+ post saying “status: super excited! :)” alongside an image of the Amazon logo. As part of the Google X research area, Parviz has also focused on smart contact lenses: In January, he showed off prototype lenses that monitor glucose levels.
What might Parviz do at Amazon? It’s difficult to say, but the company has a super-secret research area of its own called Lab126. All of the Kindle products, as well as Amazon’s Fire TV and the recently announced Fire Phone, have come through Lab126 development. Perhaps Parviz will parlay his eyewear expertise and we’ll be able to instantly see the price of any object through our future contacts.