Evaluating enterprise content solutions

A business faces many challenges as it matures into a large enterprise. There are difficulties in preserving company culture, learning how to collaborate across departments and ensuring communication is clear throughout the organization.
One item that may be overlooked is how to deliver a cohesive online experience to consumers and prospects. Additional products, services and offerings can result in a complex — and often messy — web experience. Fortunately, there are robust web content management (WCM) systems that assist enterprises with workflow, publishing and cataloguing of content.
But these solutions go a step further than just scheduling and publishing content: They focus on the entire experience. An enterprise-grade WCM enables an organization to present content with consistency across a variety of devices to different user personas spanning across geographies and languages. Doing so creates a more meaningful user experience.
A new infographic from Rackspace Digital compares Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Platform and other solutions.
Easily compare:

  • Best fit and strengths of each platform
  • Example businesses that are using each WCM
  • Next steps for implementation

See the full infographic.