Evrythng and Thinfilm collaborate on smart labels and barcodes for the internet of things

Evrythng, the atrociously named, Cisco(s csco)-backed British startup that wants to provide the identity management layer for the internet of things, has struck a collaboration deal with Norway-based printed electronics outfit Thinfilm.
Thinfilm makes smart labels that contain sensors, displays and NFC wireless communications capabilities. These labels can be used on products, food packaging, clothes – lots of things, really – and, through the Evrythng deal, those items can now have their “identities” managed through Evrythng’s platform.
According to Evrythng chief Niall Murphy, printed electronics fix the cost and scalability issues around connecting things to the web for interaction and tracking purposes. He may have a point – as I recently reported, printed and flexible electronics are going to be revolutionary in terms of bringing connectivity and many other use cases to new form factors, largely because they’re cheap and increasingly easy to produce.
The deal means Thinfilm’s NFC barcodes can connect to Evrythng’s cloud platform through the user’s phone, in order to track products and combat counterfeits.
The integration of Thinfilm’s smart labels with the platform will open up other scenarios, too: temperature-sensing labels on pharmaceuticals could report back so no one ends up with spoiled medicine, for example, while the pharma company could aggregate and analyze data about its shipments.