VMware invests in software wrangler JFrog

JFrog, a maker of tools to streamline the building and distribution of software, now has $7 million in a funding round that includes a contribution from VMware(s vmw). This brings total backing to about $12 million.
The company, with offices in Santa Clara, Calif. and Israel, claims big customers including Apple (s aapl), Netflix(s nflx) and Twitter (s twtr). Its main products are Artifactory, for managing software code and projects, and Bintray, for distributing the end result.
Jfrog supports binary code — a packaged-up version of the source code that developers typically need to run the software itself. As a Jfrog spokeswoman said, if you think of source code as the blueprint, binary code is the house.
The company, founded by Shlomi Ben Haim, Fredric Simon and Yoav Landman (pictured above), will use the money to staff up R&D, expand sales and marketing worldwide and finance open-source activities. Both its products are based on open-source technology, but Artifactory, which competes with Sonatype, also comes in a paid and SaaS version that add more features. Artifactory competes with Sonatype.
Gemini Ventures, which led the $3.5 Series A round, is participating again.