Hey iOS developers, meet your newest ad network partner: Amazon

The makers of iPhone (s aapl) and iPad apps have a new advertising network to choose from, and it’s a biggie: Amazon (s amzn) announced that its mobile ad network now supports iOS.
In a blog post published Thursday, the company outlined how its Amazon Mobile Ads API could be used on iPhones and iPads in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Amazon’s ad support comes in three flavors on iOS, including static click-through banners, rich-media expandable banners, and interstitial ads. Here’s a chart of the various ad sizes developers can work with in their iOS app:
ios amazon ad sizes
Why has it taken so long for Amazon to embrace iOS with ad support? The company was already focused on a bigger, and likely more lucrative, market through availability on Android (s goog) and its Fire OS devices. Revenues from iOS app users generally come through application purchases and in-app options as opposed to ads. On Android, advertising is a more prominent revenue generator.
Still, it makes no sense to ignore the popular iOS platform outright so the move seems like a good one. It could even give Amazon some useful insights into iOS users — something the company can only get through its own apps today, such as Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Music Player and its own Amazon shopping app.
This could be a win of sorts for iOS developers as well. While there is no lack of advertising networks that already work with iOS apps, why not take a chance on one of the largest, if not the largest, online retailers around the globe?